Policy Documents

The National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB/COUNCIL is a statutory body under the Ministry of Health created by an Act of Parliament known as the National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council Act of 2002. The Ministry of Health (Primary Health Care) is among the thirteen Government Ministries and Institutions that are required to devolve some of their functions in accordance with the provisions of the Decentralisation Policy of 2013. As a requirement, an institutional devolution plan needs to be developed to guide the devolution process. This action plan is therefore a fulfilment of the devolution process requirements as per the sector devolution guidelines issued by the Decentralisation Secretariat under the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.

This brief presents preliminary results for the cost and expected impact of an ART T&T strategy in Zambia and the estimated costs associated with community‐based ART models. It does not reflect all other HIV or health program changes that will be considered in the new NASF. An assessment of available funding, fiscal space and financial gaps, as well as potential effects of exchange rates and macroeconomic trends, was also outside the scope of this analysis. They would warrant further examination by the Government of Zambia in planning and resource mobilisation.

This roadmap highlights our national commitment to very clear and specific targets that Zambia aspires and will aim to attain by 2020. It is developed in line with the 10 global commitments to end HIV by 2030. It presents indicators and targets, as agreed on by national level stakeholders, that will guide all partners working in different areas of HIV prevention in Zambia over the next five years. The targets are ambitious and will require front-loading of the response in order to accelerate progress toward the attainment of the set targets. This will require an investment in all areas of the response, particularly prevention. Continuing business as usual will erode the gains we have made so far and may result in an irreversible epidemic.

Draft resolution submitted by the President of the General Assembly Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS: On the Fast-Track to Accelerate the Fight against HIV and to End the AIDS Epidemic by 2030.

The aim of this policy document is to provide guidelines and strategic direction for the coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all workplace programmes in the transport and related sectors. Sub‐sectors within the transport industry should use this policy as an instrument for the establishment of partnerships, networking and resource mobilization as well as proactive responses to HIV and AIDS.