Posted by Nyewani on February 15, 2018

The Zambia Fast Track Roadmap presents a detailed epidemiological situation analysis of the HIV epidemic and the responses todate, highlights opportunities and challenges for actualization of the Fast Track, highlights critical considerations for the Fast Track such as leadership, sustainable financing and innovative approaches to monitoring and evaluation. In addition, the Roadmap presents strategies for enhancing timely achievement of the Fast Track targets, treatment cascades at national and subnational levels, annualised Fast Track targets and resource needs estimates.
It is worth pointing out that despite this being the first issue; the Roadmap provides concrete guidance on the fast Track. However, as new programmatic data are being generated and analysed, there will be need to review and revise the Roadmap to make it more of a living document. Suffice to say that Zambia will achieve the Fast Track Targets before 2020 on the overall. However, this raises issues of equity as we strive to make sure that no one who is supposed to be a beneficiary of the Fast Track Initiative is left behind.

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