Posted by Nyewani on March 23, 2018


Road  construction  like  any  other  capital  project is  labour  intensive.  The  labour  particularly  the skilled one is often very mobile. A number of studies including the Mode of Transmission Study (MOT) conducted in 2009 shows that mobility is one of the key drivers of the HIV epidemic. The Roads  Sector  recognised  the  need  to  ensure  that  each  road  project  has  a  component  of mitigating  HIV&AIDS  impacts  since  2002  through  the  Road  Sector  Investment  Programme (ROADSIP).These guidelines are to be used by  supervisors, consultants, contractors, service providers and other stakeholders in the sector.These  guidelines  have  further  attempted  to  strengthen  oversight  and  good  governance  by encouraging  joint  monitoring  visits  as  well  as  the  use  of  local  structures  and  evidence  in  the AIDS response



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