Posted by Nyewani on January 10, 2017

HIV testing is critical that people have access to services and ensuring scale up of services.
HIV testing and counseling is essential to the prevention and treatment of HIV as it is a
critical gateway to services.. However universal knowledge of HIV status remains
inadequate. As such, this operational plan was developed collaboratively by the MCDMCH
and implementing partners with the goal of aligning stakeholders, identifying best practices
for HTC implementation in Zambia, and providing a costed roadmap for achieving universal
coverage by 2015.
The goal of implementing the operational plan is to achieve 50% HTC coverage among
Zambian Females and males aged 15-49 who received an HIV test in the last 12 months
and know their results by 2015 (3,816,765 HIV testing between 2014-2015).

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