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Posted by admin on September 16, 2015

This paper is intended to provide guidelines for the inclusion of individuals with pre-existing disabilities in HIV/AIDS outreach efforts. It is based on a synthesis of materials collected in the course of the Global Survey on HIV/AIDS and Disability by the World Bank and Yale University. (World Bank: 2004) The strategies for interventions proposed here can provide a framework upon which disability advocates and HIV/AIDS advocates, educators and policy makers can begin to buildinterventions and support mechanisms for‘at-risk’ disabledpopulations. 

To date, there have been few HIV/AIDS interventions that have directly targeted (or indirectly included) individuals with disabilityand almost noneof these interventions havebeensystematicallymonitoredor evaluated. The frameworkproposed here therefore, is intended only as a ‘first step’ in a growing body of publications on various aspects of disability-inclusive HIV/AIDSinterventionsandtool kits


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