Condom Programming

Condom promotion and distribution is one of the key intervention areas for the national HIV response as part of its commitment to reducing new infections. This intervention area will build on the successes of the NASF 2011–2015 which promoted an increase in distribution of both male and female condoms and in the intensification of education and awareness-raising. The priority was wide-scale information sharing about the benefits of using condoms and their correct use every time a person has casual sex or has multiple concurrent sexual partners. 

The NASF also promoted the condom as a family planning method and for use in stable relationships among sero-discordant couples. Based on evidence and programme experience, there are significant disparities in access and condom use among sexually active age groups. The condom use has been relatively low amongst the age group 15 – 24 years and sex workers. This highlights an important challenge that requires improving condom programming to reach these population groups.