27 March 2018

According to the Zambia Population Based HIV Impact Assessment (ZAMPHIA) 2015-2016 report, 11.6 Zambians aged between 15-59 years are infected with HIV with around 46, 000 people becoming infected...

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27 March 2018

Visiting UNAIDS Executive Director Mitchel Sidibe has praised Zambia for being the first country in Africa to launch the integrated health situation room which is a computer software based...

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13 February 2018

Breeze FM Radio station in Chipata, broadcasts to nearly all of Eastern Province, extends its coverage to Serenje in Central Province and crosses the national frontiers into Malawi and Mozambique...

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25 January 2018

What was conceived as an idea to respond to concerns of rising cases of sexually transmitted infections and other health complications being presented late by young people in clinics in Mongu...

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25 January 2018

THE Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ) Choma branch in Southern Province has earned itself a reputation of being one of the best providers of adolescent friendly health services...

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25 January 2018

Southern Province Minister Edify Haamukale has challenged women to break social norms which expose them to risks such as HIV infection. Dr Haamukale specifically challenged women to start...

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