Posted by Justin on January 08, 2018

The National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council (NAC) with support from UNICEF publishes a Newspaper supplement every month called Let’s Talk, dedicated to providing a platform for adolescents to share their life experiences in reproductive health, sexuality and HIV and AIDS related subjects either directly or through third party accounts.

NAC works with various partners engaged in different HIV and AIDS interventions across the length and breadth of Zambia. Some of these partners have dedicated adolescent programmes to protect and promote the interests of children.

Two such organisations with particular bias towards adolescents deserving special mention in this write up are Network of Zambian People Living with HIV (NZP+) and Social Peer to Peer Education Elevation and Dedication (Speed). NZP+ is a watchdog organisation championing the interests of HIV service users through support groups.

It helps to keep government accountable on public expenditure relating to procurement of HIV drugs, diagnostic equipment and other HIV commodities. Within its national structures, NZP+ has adolescent peer educators helping fellow youngsters on a wide range of HIV services including treatment adherence, secondary HIV prevention and general positive living.

Similarly, Speed is a group of adolescent peer educators who are managing an adolescent friendly corner at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Adult Centre of Excellence in Lusaka. It has a membership of 1,000 adolescents living with HIV providing psycho-social support to one another every Tuesday when ART Clinics are conducted.

On Saturdays, similar services are extended to the Paediatric Centre of Excellence to carter for not only those who are HIV positive but also those who are not.   

NZP+ and Speed adolescent peer groups have jointly developed Christmas and New Year HIV and AIDS messages targeted at fellow adolescents as a contribution towards HIV prevention, improving treatment adherence and AIDS management.

The following are the festive period HIV messages by adolescents for adolescents; 


  1. Look forward to knowing your HIV status in 2018 and live a healthy life.
  2. Knowing your HIV status is the way to have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  3. The U-report wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2018. Remember to protect yourself from HIV and other STIs.
  4. Together let’s build a better and healthy Zambia by testing for HIV this festive season.
  5. The U-report wishes you all a happy 2018. Remember to use a condom correctly and consistently every time you have sex.
  6. Happy 2018. This new year, consider  getting tested – know your HIV status and practice safer sex
  7. Hello U-reporter, as we celebrate this festive season let’s make positive decisions and right choices. Stay safe!
  8. Having more than one sexual partner puts you at a higher risk of HIV and other STIs. Stick to one sexual partner
  9. Did you know that circumcision reduces the risks of HIV and other STIs by 60%. Go for circumcision now!
  10. Prevention is better than cure. There is no cure for HIV. Stay safe and know your status.
  11. Everyone has a role to play in ending AIDS. Play your part this festive season!
  12. Abstain from sex or use condoms every time you have sex
  13. HIV transmission from mother to child can be prevented. Visit the nearest health centre during pregnancy
  14. HIV can infect and affect everyone. Stay safe this festive season
  15. Enjoy life. Take steps to prevent yourself from HIV infection. Happy Festive season
  16. Being HIV positive is like any other condition of ill health. Seek medical help.
  17. You cannot get HIV through a hug, handshake or a meal with an HIV positive person. Stop stigma and discrimination!

Compiled by the NAC Communications Unit